Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers more than 100 study programs. From 2005/2006 Faculty offers new programs (total 75 programs) in accordance with the Bologna process (42 BA and 33 MA programs).

There are two models of study programs: single major (all courses belong to one program) and double majors (student studies in two equally important programs for equal degrees in both of them). Single major programs are Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy, Information and Communication Sciences, History, Comparative literature, Croatian language and literature and English language and literature; double major programs are Philosophy, Archaeology, History, History of Art, Sociology, Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Comparative literature, Croatian language and literature, Pedagogy, Linguistics, Phonetics and languages and literatures (English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Classic Philology (Greek and Latin), Turkish, Indology, East, West and South Slavic languages). Faculty has more than 700 employees, with more than 500 academic staff as well as more then 600 part-time lecturers.


ACTING DEAN Prof. Miljenko Jurković, PhD
E-mail:  o.d.dekana@ffzg.hr
Phone: 00385 (0)1/4092-017
Room: D-12
Dean’s secretary: Ana Popović : E-mail: ured_dekana@ffzg.hr, apopovic@ffzg.hr
Phone: 00385 (0)1/4092-017 Room : D-13
Vice – dean for Research and International Cooperation
Prof. Nevena Škrbić Alempijević, PhD 
E-mail: prodekan.znanost@ffzg.hr
Phone: 00385 (0)1/4092-226  Room: D-23
Vice-deans’s secretary: Blanka Bračić: E-mail: blanka.bracic@ffzg.hr
Phone: 00385 (0)1/4092-130 Room: D-20
Vice – dean for Education and Student Affairs
Prof. Ivana Vidović Bolt, PhD 
E-mail: prodekanica.nastava@ffzg.hr
Phone: 00385 (0)1/4092-171  Room: D-21
Vice – dean for Study Programmes
Prof. Dolores Grmača, PhDE-mail: prodekanica.programi@ffzg.hr
Phone: 00385 (0)1/4092-026  Room: D-19
Vice-dean for Organization and Development
Prof. Hrvoje Stančić, PhD E -mail: prodekan.organizacija@ffzg.hr
Phone: 00385 (0)1/4092-265  Room: D-22

Vice – dean for Finance and Administration

Prof. Domagoj Tončinić, PhD 
E-mail: prodekan.poslovanje@ffzg.hr
Phone: 00385 (0)1/4092-014  Room: D-14


TEACHING STAFF: 800 (full time) + 778 (part time)

At the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences students are provided with opportunities to explore various fields of Humanities such as history, archaeology, philosophy, ethnology, anthropology, history of art, languages literatures and linguistics, as well as social sciences such as psychology, sociology, information sciences and pedagogy.

Students with a BA or MA diploma are qualified to work in education, science, culture, libraries, institutes, museums, archives, tourism, media, publishing, journalism, economy, marketing, public relations, diplomacy, welfare services, public and local administration, various free-lancing professions (publicists, writers), etc.


Main research areas in humanities are philosophy, archaeology, history, history of art, ethnology and cultural anthropology, comparative literature, Croatian language and literature, pedagogy, linguistics, phonetics and languages and literatures (English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Rumanian, Spanish, Swedish, Greek, Turkish, Latin, Indology, East, West and South Slavic languages). Research areas in social sciences are information sciences, pedagogy, psychology, and sociology.


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has a long tradition in international cooperation and internationalization is a strategic focus of the development with an aim to remain the leading higher education institution in Croatia supporting and holding the academic traditions and promoting the Croatian culture and science with the ongoing goal for further development. FHSS is proud to persistently work on strengthening its international cooperation with individual and institutional efforts considering it to be the main initiator of our growth. International cooperation in education and research is in constant expansion due to tireless efforts to increase the number and quality of mobility of students, staff, etc. Developing diversity and widening participation of students and staff is a key issue of the modernisation of FHSS.


  1. Department of Archaeology
  2. Department of Classical philology
  3. Department of Comparative literature
  4. Department of Croatian language and literature
  5. Department of East Slavic languages and literatures
  6. Department of English language and literature
  7. Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology
  8. Department of German language and literature
  9. Department of History
  10. Department of History of Art
  11. Department of Hungarology, Turkology and Judaic Studies
  12. Department of Indology and Far East studies
  13. Department of Information and Communication sciences
  14. Department of Italian language and literature
  15. Department of Linguistics
  16. Department of Pedagogy
  17. Department of Philosophy
  18. Department of Phonetics
  19. Department of Psychology
  20. Department of Romance languages and literature
  21. Department of Sociology
  22. Department of South Slavic languages and literature
  23. Department of West Slavic languages and literature

Office for International Cooperation

Ground plan of the Faculty

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