The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers more than 100 study programmes.
There are two types of study programmes at the BA and MA level: single major programmes (with students enrolling in a single department, and taking most of their courses in the department) and programmes taken in combination with another major (with students enrolling in two study programmes and studying for degrees in both).

The first type of programme is offered by the following departments: Comparative literature, Croatian language and literature, English language and literature, History, Information Sciences, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology; the second type is offered by Archaeology, Art History, Comparative literature, Croatian language and literature, Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, History, Linguistics, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Phonetics and Sociology and the following language and literature programmes: Classic Philology (Greek and Latin), East, West and South Slavic languages, English (including Scandinavian languages and literatures), French, German, Hungarian, Indology, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish.

Most programs are held in Croatian language or related language at the philological study programs.

Summer schools

Digital Humanities Course Registry

The goal of the registry is to provide information to: students and researchers who intend to take up study in the DH field,lecturers who are looking for examples of good practices in the DH field or want to promote their own DH-related teaching activities and material, and administrators who aim to attract and facilitate staff mobility and exchange. Platform for the sharing of information on DH courses