Due to the special measures caused by Covid-19, we strongly suggest to make all the changes to the Learning agreement via email with your departmental ECTS/CEEPUS coordinators. Final version of your Learning agreement (filled Table A2 in the LA or Changes to the proposed study programme) has to be sent via email to: ibedekov@ffzg.hr together with emailed confirmation from respective coordinator (no signature needed)!!

Office for International Cooperation will provide you with institutional ECTS coordinator’s signature and stamp of the Faculty.

Please do not come the Office for International Cooperation in person. 


Learning Agreement has to be approved and signed BEFORE student’s arrival.

AFTER ARRIVAL (CHANGES to the Learning Agreement)

Changes can be done within three weeks from the beginning of the lectures. All students will be invited to the Workshop on “how to make changes to the LA”. Date and time will be announced at the Orientation meeting.

All details regarding the courses and the changes to the originally proposed study programme students should arrange with the departmental ECTS and CEEPUS coordinators!

ECTS and CEEPUS coordinators

All changes must be signed by student, departmental coordinator(s) at the receiving institution (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) and the sending institution (Home faculty).

Please follow the steps:

  1. Collect signature(s) of departmental coordinator(s) at the FFZG
  2. Bring the LA to the Office for International Relations FFZG in order to get the signature and stamp of the institutional ECTS  coordinator
  3. Send the scan of LA to your home university in order to be signed and stamped
  4. Please use the LA forms from the link below and DO NOT change the forms!

Student is obligated to provide the Learning agreement  form in accordance to the related exchange programme (Erasmus+, CEEPUS, Bilateral exchange, Freemover, etc….).

HORIZONTAL MOBILITY (elective course at other faculties)

Within the horizontal mobility students are allowed to participate in lectures offered at other faculties of the University of  Zagreb. Horizontal mobility has to be arranged in accordance to mobility coordinators at both faculties at the University of Zagreb.  Student mobility coordinator at the host faculty (Ivana Bedeković) will provide the student with the Approval form for the enrollment of elective courses.  Student cannot enroll more than 30% of total ECTS credits at other faculty within the horizontal mobility. 

Form for the enrolment approval of elective courses


Transcript of Records is issued at the end of student’s stay, after the examination period. Transcript of records will be issued no later then 5 weeks after the assessment period has finished. 

All grades (marks) have to be registered in Indeks by respective professor(s).

If you do not need grades (marks) for certain courses, but only certificates of participation instead, we kindly ask you to discuss this matter with the respective professor(s).

Students will receive instructions before the end of semester.

Transcript of Records will be sent to you by e-mail. If you need a transcript sent by post, please let us know and provide us with your postal address.


All students will receive Confirmation of arrival at the Orientation meeting.

If you have the form from your Home university (Certificate/Confirmation of arrival)  please fill out your personal data (name, surname, name of the Home University etc..) and handle it to Ms Ivana Bedeković (student mobility officer) at the Orientation meeting, or bring it to the Office for International Cooperation (ground floor of the Library) and we will complete it with dates, signature and stamp.


If you need an confirmation of stay /certificate of attendance, you can get it at us at the Office for International Cooperation before your departure.

In case you need your own document/form signed and stamped, please fill out your personal data (name, surname, name of the Home University etc..) and we will complete it with dates, signature and stamp.

In case you need your own document and it includes subject-specific details such as language of instruction or exam dates, please contact your departmental coordinator for signature before coming to Office for International Cooperation.

You can send the request for issuing an confirmation of stay together with the request for Transcript of records. (personally or by email to: ibedekov@ffzg.hr)

Confirmation of stay will be sent to you by e-mail. If you need a Confirmation of stay by post, please let us know and provide us with your postal address.