Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Zagreb, Croatia

Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The support from our Office will continue as usual and administrative services that

do not involve public contact is provided by e-mail (tsveljo@ffzg.hr) and phone.

Given that the epidemiological situation can quickly change, and these recommendations may be updated to respond to such changes, all persons are advised to stay informed by following the CIPH and Ministry of Health websites, where up-to-date information about the coronavirus and preventive measures are published daily.

PRIOR!!! to your arrival in Zagreb be sure to contact your academic partner at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and/or Office for International Cooperation to arrange the dates and details of your visit at our Faculty.

If your home institution requires INVITATION LETTER please contact your academic partner at our Faculty, fill out the form and send it to email: tsveljo@ffzg.hr as to be signed by the responsible person at our Faculty.


FREE on-line course of Croatian language: https://a1.ffzg.unizg.hr/ 


 . . . . . ACCOMODATION   . . . . .

* In accordance to LLP rules; Erasmus+ staff pays their accommodation personally (from their Erasmus mobility subsistence amounts issued by their home institution). If placed at the Appartments at the Dormitory – accomodation is paid at the Cashier’s Office (Blagajna) of the Dormitory. Payments are in KUNA (Croatian currency) only.

. . . . .   COMPUTER SERVICE, LIBRARY.. at the Faculty . . . . . 

As a guest professor you have the opportunity to use the wireless internet at our Faculty, use the internet at your Zagreb address, use the library, etc. You will need the AAI* (electronic identity) – to open the account and get the credentials (username and password).

. . . . .   PAYMENTS ( scholarship, grants, etc )  . . . . . 

If you are to receive a scholarship, grant, or payment from our Faculty, you need to have the OIB  *** (personal identification number) issued by the Tax Agency of Croatia.

CEEPUS grant PAYMENT procedure

*In accoradance to EU rules; Erasmus + staff is entitled to Erasmus mobility subsistence amounts. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Zagreb can not provide additional per diems for Erasmus guest staff.

…….* OIB procedure ……

Personal identification number /osobni identifikacijski broj (OIB) issued by the Tax Agency of Croatia /Porezna uprava RH

***OIB procedure and forms

…. Erasmus + CONFIRMATION OF STAY  …..

Fill out the Erasmus+ form provided by your University (or fill out our form: Confirmation of Stay) and arrange with your academic coordinator at the Host Department that the filled form is signed by the representative of your host Department of our Faculty.

. . . . .    HEALTH INSURANCE   . . . . . 

Before coming to the Republic of Croatia, foreign citizens are advised to check with the health insurance authority in their country of origin whether there exists an agreement on health insurance between the Republic of Croatia and their country of origin. More information

. . . . .  LOCAL TRANSPORTATION  . . . . . 

Public Transportation (trams, buses, city railway)

Taxi  (phone: 1414, 060 800 800 or 1777 or 970, etc.)

. . . . .    OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION   . . . . . 


“EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion” is a unique service providing access to a complete range of practical information for European and non-European researchers wishing to pursue research careers in Croatia and all around Europe

* For more information please visit the EURAXESS portal. http://www.euraxess.hr/

A foreign researcher’s guide to Croatiahttp://www.euraxess.hr/uploads/articles/euraxess_vodic_za_web_4.pdf

 Enjoy your stay in Zagreb!

Feel free to contact our  Office for International Cooperation

International Cooperation Officer
Tamara Šveljo

Office hours: 7-15 hrs
Phone: ++ 385 1 409 22 66
Fax: ++ 385 1 6156 879