Posgraduate (doctoral) programs / Poslijediplomski doktorski studiji

Most postgraduate programs are in Croatian language, with a possibility to arrange courses or consultations in a foreign language.

Postgraduate programmes are divided into specialist and doctoral programmes: the former last for one or two years and result in the academic degree of University Specialist, while the latter last for three years and result in the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Curricula are based on interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinary, and a wide range of students are able to choose studies according to their interests and needs. The Faculty offers 15 university postgraduate (doctoral) programmes and 6 postgraduate specialised study programmes.

Postgraduate university study programmes:

  1. Archaeology
  2. Doctoral programme in Literature, Performing Arts, Film and Culture
  3. Ethnology and cultural anthropology
  4. Philosophy
  5. Glottodidactics
  6. Croatian Philology in Intercultural Context
  7. Croatian culture
  8. Information and communication sciences
  9. Linguistics (in English language)
  10. Modern and Contemporary Croatian History in the European and World Context
  11. Pedagogy
  12. Art history
  13. Pre-modern history
  14. Psychology
  15. Sociology

Postgraduate specialised study programmes:

  1. Diplomacy
  2. Intercultural German-Croatian business communication
  3. Clinical psychology
  4. Interpreting
  5. Translation
  6. Applied Croatian studies

Alterations are made in the scope of 20% max. each year in most study programmes: alterations in instructors or course leaders, schedules, freezing or de-freezing of subjects, introduction of new elective subjects.