Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Ivana Lučića 3, HR-10000 Zagreb
LOCATION MAP is available here.
Office is in the Library, ground floor, behind the Information counter
Ms Ivana Bedeković
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10.00-12.00
Tuesday, Thursday: 12.00-14.00
Tel. (00 385 1) 40 92 138
Fax (00 385 1) 61 56 879

GROUND PLAN OF THE FACULTY  is available here.


Winter semester: 01.10.2018.-22.2.2019.
Classes: 01.10.2018.-25.01.2019. (break: 24.12.2018.-04.1.2019.)
Exams: 28.01.-22.02.2019.

Summer semester 25.02.-12.07.2019.
Classes: 25.02. – 07.06.2019
Exams: 10.06. – 12.7.2019. and 26.08. – 20.09.2019.

 OIB  – (OSOBNI IDENTIFIKACIJSKI BROJ) / Personal identification number (PIN)

OIB is required for enrollment procedure, opening bank account, Internet access, student card “XICA”, public transportation card etc.
Students who had provided Central IRO with the personnal information (upon University of Zagreb’s request) will receive the OIB at the Orientation meeting at the Faculty.
Students who hadn’t send requested information will have to get the OIB by their own.

How to get your OIB?

Fill out the PIN request form. Take it to the main Tax administration office.
ADDRESS: Ministry of Finance – Tax administration (POREZNA UPRAVA), Avenija Dubrovnik 32
5th floor, room No. 529 (trams No. 6, 7, 14 – stop “SREDIŠĆE”)
WORKING HOURS: 8am – 3pm
The OIB will be issued within 30 minutes.


Before you start with the enrollment procedure please visit Ms Ivana Bedeković at the International Relations Office in order to receive the instructions and enrollment documents.

If you are attending  the Orientation meeting, disregard this notice!!

In order to enroll students are obligated to pay for the  INDEKS (Student’s Matriculation Book) and  for student card “IKSICA”. The price is 180,00 HRK.

Students who have IKSICA will pay 130,HRK. (Just for the Indeks)

Students who already have Indeks will pay 50,00 HRK.(Just for the IKSICA)

FILL OUT the Payment slip (Univerzalni nalog za plaćanje) as it is shown at the link and go to the Bank (student can choose the Bank) or to the FINA – Financijska agencija (Financial agency; Ulica grada Vukovara 70 ) in order to pay the administrative costs.

Payment slip – upisni paket 2018-2019

Bring the copy of the payment slip to the Orientation meeting and prepare:

  • ZET – public transportation ZET- public transportation application form 2018-2019 (only BA an MA students) – PhD students are not entitled to have student’s card for public transportation
  • 3 photos (one for Indeks, one for Public transportation card, one for the student’s file)
  •  certificates from the Departments (stating that you are accepted as a guest/exchange/Erasmus+/Ceepus/freemover etc. student). You will receive the certificates in the International Cooperation Office or at the Orientation meeting

With the confirmed ZET Form and Indeks go to the main ZET office – Ozaljska 105, Tram lines 3, 9, 12 – the end tram station called LJUBLJANICA (working hours: 7:30am – 3pm).



In order to receive the scholarship you will need to:

  1. open Bank account (TEKUĆI RAČUN)  (you can choose the bank upon your wish)  – for opening Bank account you need: OIB (osobni identifikacijski broj / personal identification number) and  identification document (PASSPORT / ID card)
  2. go to the Accounting Office (RAČUNOVODSTVO) at  the Faculty: Mrs Vesna Tkalčić Barišićroom:D-05, tel: 4092 201, e-mail:  (office hours: 8-13, break: 11-11,30)
  3. PLEASE NOTE: before leaving Republic of Croatia close your Bank account


The student card, so-called “XICA”, enables students to eat in student restaurants, get discount when travelling, going to cinema, theatre, etc.

The Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports allows a weekly subsidy to the following categories of exchange students (BA & MA level): Erasmus+, CEEPUS and scholars of the Croatian National Agency for Mobility and Programmes of EU.

All other categories of exchange students pay the full price of a meal.

The student card is issued by the faculty/academy where students enrol and it works as of the semester start.

At the Orientation meeting students will be provided with the temporary IKSICA until the personal IKSICA is issued. Students will receive the notice when and where they could pick up the personal IKSICA.


INTERNET – Wireless  


FOR STUDENTS WITH OIB (osobni identifikacijski broj/personal identification number)

  1. Fill in the Form (Pristupnica) in order to open Faculty E-mail account and AAI@EduHr electronic identity
  2. Go to the IT Office (Služba za informatiku) Room A-129, Monday-Friday; working hours: 10,00-12,00 and 13,00-15,00 hrs



Guest students with opened AAI@EduHr electronic identity are allowed to enroll at the Library of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

TAKE your INDEKS, CREDENTIALS (e-mail address and password) and PASSPORT and GO TO the Central Information Desk at the Library (ground floor) / Info-pult, prizemlje Knjižnice.

More information about the Library is available in the brochure at


All details regarding the courses and the changes to the originally proposed study programme students should arrange with the departmental ECTS coordinator(s) (Find the list and contacts under the Forms/guest students).

All changes must be signed by student, departmental coordinator(s) at the receiving institution (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) and the sending institution (Home faculty).

Student is obligated to provide the Learning agreement  form in accordance to the related exchange programme (Erasmus+, Basileus, Bemundus, CEEPUS etc..).

After the classes started, students have 3 weeks to make all changes to the Table A of the Learning agreement!


Students are obligated to list all courses into the INDEKS (course title and the name of the professor).

At the end of semester professor will confirm (by signing into the Indeks) that student regularly attended classes. After the exam professoer will write into the Indeks the grade and the number of awarded ECTS credits.


Students are obligated to fill in first pages of the Indeks and sign it.

  • Name of the father (or mother)
  • Date, place and the country birth
  • Citizenship

Without needed information Indeks is not valid!


Transcript of Records is issued at the end of student’s stay, after the examinations. Students will receive instructions from the International Relations Office before the semester ends.


For all confirmation letters such are: confirmation of arrival, confirmation of departure, confirmation of attendance etc. students should contact Ms Ivana Bedeković (Student mobility coordinator).


Guest students are welcome to join the classes at the Section of Kinesiology.

At the following link find more information about professors and activities offer


If you don’t feel well and need a doctor, this the address where you can turn to / make an appointment:

If it’s a weekend / bank holiday, you should go to the EMERGENCY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE INSTITUTE located in Heinzlova 88. This hospital receives accident victims and patients with sudden, serious illnesses 24-hours a day.

In emergencies for which an ambulance is needed dial 112! 112 is the emergency number for fire, ambulance and police. You will be asked to explain what has happened, where it has happened and from which number you are calling