The support from our Office will continue as usual and administrative services that

do not involve public contact is provided by e-mail and phone.

CORONA VIRUS Basic protective measures Important information

Given that the epidemiological situation can quickly change, and these recommendations may be updated to respond to such changes, all persons are advised to stay informed by following the CIPH and Ministry of Health websites, where up-to-date information about the coronavirus and preventive measures are published daily.

ACADEMIC CALENDAR 2020/2021 (BA and MA study programmes) 

Academic calendar for 2021/2022 will be available soon. For planning study period (mobility dates) students can use the current calendar (lectures usually start on first Monday in October). 

Winter semester: 05.10.2020. – 19.02.2021. 
Classes:  05.10.2020. – 22.01.2021.
Exams: 25.01.2021. – 19.02.2021.

Summer semester: 01.03.2021. – 16.07.2021. 
Classes: 01.03.2021. – 11.06.2021.
Exams: 14.06.2021. – 16.07.2021. and 30.08.2021. – 24.09.2021.

PLEASE NOTE: All guest students are OBLIGATED to contact departmental ECTS/CEEPUS coordinator(s) or Head of the PhD study programme who will provide them with information about all academic issues (selection of courses, literatures, guidance for research projects etc.) in order to finalize their Learning agreements or research proposals.

INFORMATION PACKAGE – summer semester 2020/2021(includes most relevant information on enrollment, OIB, internet access, Learning agreement, Library etc..)

INFORMATION PACKAGE  – winter semester 2021/2022 – it will be published later – all accepted students will receive notice via email



FREE Online Croatian Language Courses: A1.HR – A2.HR

ECTS and CEEPUS coordinators

Please bear in mind that face-to-face consultations with coordinators are mostly suspended so please send all requests via email. 


Learning agreement ERASMUS+ for-studies, 2021-2022

Students can use LA templates/forms from their home universities but it is required to be filled out as follows:

  • Host institution: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb
  • Address: Ivana Lučića 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • Erasmus code: HR ZAGREB01
  • Contact person: Ivana Bedeković, email: / , phone: ++385 1 4092 138
  • Responsible person: Željka Miklošević, PhD; Faculty ECTS Coordinator, email:,  phone:++385 1 4092 348

IN CASE YOU NEED A DOCTOR (upon arrival in Zagreb)

For any medical assistance (COVID-19 included) please contact our School of Medicine Centre for Health Activity. In the link below you can find updated schedule of our doctors along with phone numbers of doctors on duty. The schedule is regularly updated.

Please, don’t visit hospitals’ emergency rooms if the situation is not really urgent.

If it’s a weekend / bank holiday, you should go to the EMERGENCY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE INSTITUTE located in Heinzlova 88. This hospital receives accident victims and patients with sudden, serious illnesses 24-hours a day.

In emergencies for which an ambulance is needed dial 112!  112 is the emergency number for fire, ambulance and police. You will be asked to explain what has happened, where it has happened and from which number you are calling.